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The rapid changes in woodworking machinery products in recent years have also reflected the need for woodworking machinery to be more flexible and nimble in order to adapt to the needs of customised furniture production. Whether a machine or a production line can have a more flexible, diverse and intelligent performance will become more and more important.

The rapid changes in woodworking machinery products in recent years have also reflected the need for woodworking machinery to be more flexible and nimble in order to adapt to the needs of customised furniture production. Whether a machine or a production line can have a more flexible, diverse and intelligent performance will become more and more important.

The development of woodworking machinery follows the development of market demand, market demand depends on the preferences of the end consumer, and Chinese consumers are the world's most discerning consumers (one). Along with the insane rise in housing prices, the Chinese working class can afford a smaller and smaller house, the traditional finished furniture can not maximize the use of the already limited housing space, the emergence of custom furniture is a good solution to this pain point, which is why the development of custom furniture, especially board custom furniture so rapidly, and has given rise to a large number of furniture industry listed companies. The change in end demand has pushed the production requirements of enterprises to change, the original high-volume production model is no longer applicable, the market urgently needs to adapt to the small batch, multi-variety, multi-spec flexible production solutions.

At present, China's woodworking machinery manufacturing industry in terms of capital, technology, talent, brand, etc. have a relative accumulation, after 20 years of testing and honing, some products through technology digestion and absorption to reach the advanced level of developed countries in the late 1980s and early 1990s, manufacturing enterprises on the understanding of these devices also from the simple imitation of foreign products gradually transition to be able to independently innovate a higher level, and gradually won the trust of the market, for China's furniture manufacturing, wood flooring processing, artificial board and the development of secondary processing to provide a large number of equipment.

Although China's woodworking machinery industry has developed greatly, but there is still a gap with the world's advanced level, the basic theory research lags behind, the original innovation is not enough, the core technology mastery is not much, there are still gaps in the key equipment manufacturing technology, the scale of operation is small, low production efficiency.

The shortage of high-quality raw materials has become a major constraint on the development of the timber industry due to the decreasing forest resources at home and worldwide. Maximising the utilisation rate of the purpose is the main task of the timber industry. Developing various types of man-made board products and improving their quality and range of applications is the most effective way to make efficient use of wood resources.

To achieve green environmental protection China's government to promote the return of farmland to forest, natural forest protection project, forestry two systems construction and the construction of six projects, are to protect the environment wise move, the development of the wood processing industry must follow two principles, the first is to protect the environment, the minimum demand for natural resources, minimize the pollution of the environment. The second is that woodworking products must be harmless or harmful to humans to a minimum extent. Therefore, the future vitality of woodworking machinery and wood industry products, must be ergonomically designed to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

The history of woodworking machinery worldwide shows that there is a trend towards the assimilation of wood processing methods with metal processing methods. Can we venture to predict that in the future wood will be reshaped and shaped like forged steel ingots? More like metal processing methods.

At present, there is a trend towards larger, larger-scale wood processing enterprises or woodworking machinery and equipment. China's current stage of backward, simple woodworking machinery still has a large market, many woodworking machinery processing enterprises are still implementing labour-intensive business model. The future of wood processing enterprises are bound to take the road of industrialization, large-scale, large-scale development.

The brand is a comprehensive reflection of the quality of the product, product service, enterprise management and core competitiveness. Rapidly improve the quality of products and technology, training to create a number of competitive, especially with the ability to innovate on their own advantageous scale enterprises, efforts to build China's woodworking machinery product brand, should be the future direction of development of woodworking machinery and the goal of the struggle.

In recent years, due to the industrial changes brought about by the Internet, big data is widely used, enterprises are more likely to capture the personalized needs released by consumers, flexible production has become the direction of transformation of many manufacturing enterprises.

Flexible production, mainly relying on a high degree of flexibility to have a computer numerical control machine tool-based machinery and equipment to achieve multi-variety, diversity, small batch production methods. And can better adapt to the changing market demand, on-demand production of advanced production methods, such as personalised product customisation, product functionality, diversity, etc., and thus enhance the flexibility and resilience of enterprises, shorten the product production cycle, improve equipment utilisation, improve product market competitiveness.

Today's single equipment output can no longer meet the production needs of enterprises, from the front end to the back end of the whole plant planning, from the equipment silos to the layout of the production line, is the core competitiveness of the future woodworking machinery brand. The development of various new types of woodworking machinery, furniture production of intelligent, unmanned production, have come on the stage of woodworking machinery, foreign Haomai, Bjarns, domestic Nanxing, Xinghui and other woodworking machinery brands have put forward their own holistic solutions. Woodworking machinery industry is gradually moving from the design of products, design production lines to a higher realm of design of the entire plant.

Up to now, China has about 1200 woodworking machinery enterprises, more than 200 enterprises above the scale, employing nearly 100,000 people, more than 6,000 engineers and technicians, can provide 69 categories of about 1,100 kinds of woodworking machinery products.

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